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Thread: A miracle*

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    A miracle*

    Miracle is a strong word, but there is an aspect to zazen that really is miraculous to me. It is how, sometimes, suddenly, everything is new again. It is easy with a busy life for a mental scenario to build up that stains everything. People and places become stained with certain qualities, he is like this, she is like that. I live in a situation with its themes and soundtrack. It is very much a dream. This dream doesn't always get dispelled by zazen. I can be drunk on a story for some time, spiraling into suffering....and even the "good" stories where things are "going my way" turn on that spiral. Yet, sometimes in the simple act of sitting, the "world" is dispelled, literally dis-spelled. The thoughts and feelings no longer hold the mind. The senses are fresh and immediate without a veil of dream, and it follows that action is also open. When this mind is bright and open, and I have a meeting of minds with another person, he/she mirrors this and is also open. It is something I've experienced so many times, even with "problem" relationships. There is reason for faith we can open enough to heal the world.

    The thing is, there does not seem to be a one time opening. Stories are the brain's function and we need them, but they are sticky and residue builds up all the time. I need to sit every day and even that is no guarantee. Sometimes a story needs to wear itself out. Zazen provides the space where that can happen, so if sitting is a grind one morning, a grind it will be.

    When first learning a form of zazen, a senior student at the temple told me it was like brushing one's teeth. Every day gunk builds up and every day you need to brush. That seemed like such a boring description at the time, no big bang, but it turned out to be true in my experience.

    Just talking nonsense. Please take with a grain of salt.


    sat today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daizan View Post
    Indeed my brother. How many times in a half-hour setting are stories dis-spelled? The magic blown away like smoke, another story down. "And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust."

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    Very nice!

    Thank You,



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    Wonderful Daizan

    Gassho, Kyotai
    Sat today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daizan View Post
    It is how, sometimes, suddenly, everything is new again.
    Wonderful Daizan, thank you. =)

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    Thank you for the lesson


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    A miracle*

    How I experience it when sitting is my stories are driven by some type of emotion. Cracking the shell of thought lets the emotions spill out. Depending on the story those emotions can be quite intense and layered. When I let those emotions be, it feels like my whole body radiating until they dissipate . Then what follows is sense of peace and healing. It is a wonderful experience. Then as I go about my day, I fill my head with new stories or tell myself the the same stories again and it is rinse and repeat.

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    Wonderful analogies, thanks for the thread Daizan.
    Can anybody tell Canada is having a holiday and we are taking this time to catch up

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    Happy Canada Day! fellow commonwealth nation, Bon fete du Canada! i have friends in montreal, seems beutiful!

    Daizan, thankyou im new to this form, an am syrprised by how powerful it can be.


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    I have also found that zazen is a miracle in many ways. Just today I discovered myself smiling like an idiot while sitting when I saw from afar all my inner stories about what should I be preoccupied. And then it all drifted away.

    Thank you for this.


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    Hi Daizan,

    from the miracle (fresh, immediate, bright and open), to the nonsense (ew, that sticky residue), and back again. Yes indeedy. Wonderful! Thanks for your insightful words, and your practice. Let's keep brushing and flossing. And smiling.

    sat today
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    Hi daizan.

    Thanks for sharing.



    sat today

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    Hi. I should point out the subject of Jundo's talk during Zazenkai

    Nothing for anything to stick to... but still I somehow get drunk on stories.


    sat today

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