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Thread: The Two Truths

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    The Two Truths

    Good afternoon friends,

    I believe I'm able to identify "relative" truths fairly well, but I'm struggling with uncovering the "absolute" truths. I have a tendency to default to just "being alive" as the ultimate absolute truth. Your guidance and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Something such as this ...

    Now, get back to the cushion and find for yourself these two not two truths.


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    Thank you Jundo! I will do as you have requested. I was suspect of my own beliefs anyway!



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    Hi Bill,

    About all we are about here, practice here, talk about here and sit is is right on this question. In fact, all of Zen Buddhism is about this in one way or another.

    By sitting and then getting on with life, we bring this to life.

    As we chant around here ...

    The Identity of Relative and Absolute

    The subtle Source shines clear in the light;

    The branching streams flow in the dark.

    To be attached to things is primordial illusion;

    To encounter the absolute is not yet enlightenment.

    All spheres, every sense and field

    intermingle even as they shine alone,

    Interacting even as they merge,

    Yet keeping their places in expressions of their own.

    Sights differ primally in shape and character

    And sounds in harsh or soothing tones.

    The dark makes all words one;

    The brightness distinguishes good and bad phrases.


    The relative fits the absolute

    As a box and its lid.

    The absolute meets the relative

    Like two arrow points that touch in mid air.

    Hearing this, simply perceive what is,

    Make no criterion.

    If you do not see the Way,

    You do not see it even as you walk upon it.

    Walking forward in the way

    You draw no nearer, progress no farther.

    One who fails to see this truth

    Is mountains and rivers away.
    Gassho, J


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    Thank you Jundo. I have so much to learn. So much to forget.



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    After awhile, such ponderings settle. When eating, eat. When sitting, sit and all that jazz. Sure is an adventure watching one's cup overflow though

    Gassho, John
    Sat Today

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