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Thread: Zen Joke?

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    Zen Joke?

    I had the pleasure of visiting with my brother-in-law this weekend who shared a joke that struck mean as having a certain Zen tone to it. I paraphrase it here for your review.

    A cowboy riding in the mountains came upon a frontiersman chopping wood near his cabin. "Excuse me stranger," the cowboy asked, "but do you happen to know where the nearest city is?"

    The frontiersman paused his work and replied " Hmm no Sir, No I'm sorry I don't."

    Annoyed the cowboy then asked, "Well, would you be so kind as to tell me which way is North at least?"

    The frontiersman stopped his work again, looked around and sighed shaking his head, " Sorry Mister, I can't rightly say,"

    The cowboy quite perplexed and at this point frustrated pressed on, " Can you at least then tell me which would be the quickest way down off this mountain then?!"

    The frontiersman again shook his head sadly, "I'm afraid I cannot, haven't been off this mountain in a long time."

    "We'll you can't tell me how to get anywhere, can you?", the cowboy retorted.

    "No," said the frontiersman, "but I ain't lost."

    Sat Today!

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    Haa! Awesome!

    sat today

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    Heard this one?

    "What's the difference between a duck?

    One of its' legs is both the same."

    Myosha sat today
    "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"

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    Made me laugh... ;-)

    Oh yeah, if I didn't have inner peace, I'd completely go psycho on all you guys, all the time. Carl Carlson
    Oh, yeah. If I didn't have inner peace, I'd go completely psycho on all you guys all the time.
    Carl Carlson

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    It ain't no joke. Jokeless joke.

    Thank you.

    ~ Please remember that I am very fallible.


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