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Thread: Timeless "LAST CALL" for Rakusu Mailing Addresses / DATE FOR JUKAI CEREMONY

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    Timeless "LAST CALL" for Rakusu Mailing Addresses / DATE FOR JUKAI CEREMONY

    Hello All Sewers,

    If you have already sent your mailing address for the Rakusu backing inscriptions to Jundo, please disregard this message!

    If not, but wish me to inscribe your Rakusu back, please email me at: jundotreeleaf[a]

    REMEMBER THAT ALL SEWING NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED WITH PHOTOS IN OUR SEWING THREAD! I will be confirming with Dosho and Shingen on where your sewing stands.

    Although sewing is Timeless ... this is "LAST CALL" for Rakusu inscriptions this year. I hope to have them mailed within the coming week or so. For further information on procedures, please see this earlier request for addresses:

    As well, I would like to schedule our Jukai ceremony for Sunday, January 11th at Midnight (Sunday-Monday) Japan time (that is New York 10am, Los Angeles 7am (Sunday morning), London 3pm and Paris 4pm (Sunday afternoon)). The ceremony will last about 1 hour (If somebody cannot make it that day, just write me. We have a lovely way of having folks join in the "live but recorded" version, then holding a short confirmation ceremony with me later by Skype. NOBODY WILL BE LEFT OUT.)

    Gassho, Jundo

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    I just sent you an email, guess I didn't see original post.


    Sat Today!

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