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Thread: Question about Canadian Community

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    Question about Canadian Community

    Let me say that this is the only Buddhist community forum that I usually post in and really have no idea what other places it would be appropriate. Also, I don't seek to defame, but to seek information in order to be fully aware of the Buddhist communities in North America.

    Ok. With that being said. I am currently doing research to do a presentation on Buddhism to High School students. I searched for videos to help me with the task. I did find a couple including some from a gentleman by the name of Brian Ruhe, who he states is a Theravada lay teacher in Vancouver. This is his web page :

    The video that I saw was pretty much benign. Seems interesting. I looked at the other ones. In some he is doing retreats. But. On the other ones he goes on anti-Semitic rants and praising Hitler. 😲

    I visited his web page and seems pretty straight forward vipassana stuff.

    Questions are. Who knows about the community he leads? Is it a real community in the Vancouver area? What's the background history on him?

    Sorry. Didn't know where else to pose these questions.

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    Hi Eric,

    This is a very troubled, confused individual who appears to be suffering some form of mental delusions, very dark. It is illness wrapped in a Buddhist dress. We should offer Metta.

    Gassho, J
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