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Thread: Thanks and Gratitude...

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    Thanks and Gratitude...


    I am not known nor prone to fluff or saccharine comments.....However - I would like to drop in a sense of gratitude for this forum and Treeleaf generally. I have had some really negative experiences on another forums that has grounded out my appreciation of this place even more.

    I haven't seen one example of ego bloating or patronising. No trite ridiculing. It's all good and I am lucky to have found you all. It feels like a refuge!

    Finally (I am starting to make myself feel sick now ) Jundo, your patience for helping ruminating philosophy geeks like me is palpable. I think you are a testimony to your practice and an inspiration.

    There, that's my whole years worth of niceness in one go!

    Sat today

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    Thank you. We will let you be nice once in awhile, if not too often.

    By the way, did you sit today?

    Gassho Jundo

    Sat Today!

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    Hey Jundo....

    ...I sit every morning, 5am.... Mad huh?

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    I second that!
    Many thanks to Treeleaf's many Buddhas.


    ~ Please remember that I am very fallible.


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    Yes, same feeling here too. I have not seen a forum where people are so well behaved, wise and helpful. Surprisingly the moderation is not so strict either; most posts are allowed (I saw few instances where some trolls were literally fighting with teachers). To achieve all of this without force/strict-moderation is simply amazing

    Sam Sat today

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    Gassho, Shawn
    Sat today

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    Hello all

    You would hope that a Buddhist/Zen forum would mostly consist of Right Speech but given that humans are humans, it is not always so. I co-moderate a long-running Buddhist e-list and we have even had to ban ordained sangha at times for being a disruptive influence!

    I am sure we all fall down here now and again but think that the helpful and constructive nature of the forums here is testament to the sincerity and dedication of practice of the Treeleaf members and, of course, the wise guidance of our teacher and unsui.

    So good to hear that it is a helpful place. I have always found it so too.

    *not sat today but breathed with pain a lot*
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    I am also very thankful for this sangha and the teaching we receive here. The internet can be a heartless, cruel place, Treeleaf is the exact opposite.

    sat today

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    This Sangha has become more and more important, more and more essential to each day. There have been ups and downs...estrangements and returns, but there is a shared heart that is deeper than my mental games.

    I also believe in the treeleaf project, the idea.


    Sat Today

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    I share everyone's sentiments. Thank you Jundo and sangha


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    I can only echo Daizan. I too truly believe in the Treeleaf project.
    Sat today
    Heisoku 平 息
    Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. (Basho)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shikantazen View Post
    (I saw few instances where some trolls were literally fighting with teachers).
    That, uh...has most certainly never happened here!

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    Thanksgiving is approaching this week in the US. Today I am reminded of TNH's gatta:

    "For all beneficent karma, ever manifested thru me, I am grateful.
    May this gratitude be expressed thru my body, speech and mind,
    with infinite kindness to the past,
    infinite service to the present,
    infinite responsibility to the future."

    I too find Treeleaf a refuge and a solace of kindness. And to quote some ole guy I heard once (J), "Spend time with your loved ones today."

    Gratefully _/\_ Shinzan

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    Treeleaf is home. And one can only be thankful of being home with family.

    Thank you guys.


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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