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    Truc Lam Zen

    In my Google searching of Zen and Buddhism in Reno I came across a Vietnamese Zen Monastery called Quang Nghiem. The monastery is located about 20 minutes away from my house and their website offers sitting and walking meditation practice on Sundays. Their website is: .

    This monastery belongs to a sect of Vietnamese Zen called Truc Lam. I was just curious if anybody here has ever heard of this style of zen practice. What I found online gives me the impression their practice is similar to our practice of shikantaza.

    Gassho To You One and All,


    Sat Today

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    Hi Josh,

    I had the privilege of sitting for a couple of days at their home monastery, Truc Lam, when I visited Vietnam a few years ago ...

    Unfortunately, I do not speak Vietnamese, so cannot tell you precisely what they teach (a young monk who spoke some English helped me through). I gave a little talk above on my small impressions but, of course, that is all they could be. Although a Rinzai lineage, I found a flavor of Silent Illumination that (seemed to me) to be of the same root as Shikantaza, with a good mix of Pure Land beliefs, as is common in Vietnamese Thien (Zen). You should definitely go, and let us know about your experience.

    Gassho, Jundo

    Sat Today!
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    Thank you very much Jundo for your insight and I will most definitely contact the monastery and see about sitting along in the near future.

    Gassho, and thank you again.


    Sat Today

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