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Thread: What's the point?

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    What's the point?

    I was thinking again in the shower this morning: why do I sit facing the wall, not getting anything done? The answer that came to mind: I just do. How strange to be sitting, for no discernible reason and not accomplishing anything at all. This is truly pointless! Still, if just sitting, might as well just sit. Zazen is just recognizing the reality of whatever is actually happening. No, scratch that: zazen is just reality. Now drop that too.

    Sat (pointlessly) today

    PS: I remembered to use soap.

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    A shower to cleanse body-and-mind.

    Gassho, J

    Sat Today

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    You and Perry Farrell.

    In the shower

    Hope the water's not too !!#$%! hot

    (disclaimer: old-person reference)

    sat (and also showered) today

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    When I had a wood stove it took me awhile to figure out how to keep the fire going all night. Just the right damper setting and amount of wood. In the morning if there were just a few hot coals everything would be fine. The point of living is to keep living. Sitting helps with seeing the essentials.

    Sat today

    Kind regards. /\
    無 (MU, Emptiness) and 氷 (HYO, Ice) ... Emptiness Ice ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    The point of living is to keep living. Sitting helps with seeing the essentials.
    Lovely, Rich - thank you!



    no thing needs to be added

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    There is no point, just sitting sitting, but it also disperses the "me and my situation" story before it takes (further) hold. Without sitting after a few days it's lights!' camera! , melodrama!. Maybe it's that with sitting too...actually, but at least it is somewhat transparent. Sitting is no story, no story is free and open and not life on a track, it is life in/as open country.


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    Thank you Rich, I enjoyed that image.

    Today was an odd flare up for me after zazen, with a strange bliss and pervasive 'rightness'. It wasn't real, though; the dead giveaway was how difficult it was to concentrate all morning. Ah well, more fuel for the fire.

    (and )

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