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Thread: Kito ceremony

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    Kito ceremony

    On Wednesday night, I saw a wonderful video on G+ called "Contemplative Kito". By Thursday it was gone. The Wednesday Teisho video is also missing, part of which I saw live. Were these taken down for privacy concerns? Any way to share them for TL members only?

    And - what is Kito ???

    With grateful bows to the retreat participants and webcam operators

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    Hi Nindo,

    I will discuss a bit more when I return from my America travels, but Kito is not something I usually include in our Practice here. Taigu leans more that way, and included the ceremony during the Retreat he guided. It is a difference in our approach. However, historically, it is an old aspect of Buddhist ritual, including Zen Buddhist ritual in Japan with aspects of intonation to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and various Deities. Here are a couple of explanations of the meaning of Kito.

    A quick, short definition ...

    A historian's description of what the ceremony has typically meant in the history of Zen Buddhism ...

    As I said, not typically a ritual form I would emphasize here at Treeleaf, although a lovely old Ritual. Further, Dainin's explanations of the meaning of the various aspects, and the elegance he brought to the ceremonies, truly brought them alive. As Dainin explained the ceremony, it becomes in his hands truly an expression of gratitude and something much more beautiful than some simple supplication to the Buddhas for good fortune or the like.

    We will discuss this a bit more when I return from the trip, but I personally hesitate at such ceremonies. Shohaku Okamura Roshi is also rather hesitant (bottom paragraph here) ...

    Gassho, Jundo

    PS - Not sure why the ceremonies are not visible on our page.
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    You are very quick and observant Nindo! They are back online now. The Kito ceremony had a dedication portion where names of people who are in the monks hearts are recited. (@ 1:02:30 for Kito and 13:40 for Contemplative Kito)

    For privacy purposes I have edited it out and now reposted. Similar situation with the teisho which is still on my to do list. Here are the links but they should also now show on the Treeleaf YouTube page.

    Kito Ceremony:

    Contemplative Kito Ceremony:

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    Thanks so much Dokan for the videos, and Jundo for the explanation!
    Yes, it felt Dainin brought this to life in a special way, it was palpable even just watching on the screen.
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    I'm looking forward to further explanations and discussion - not that I'm not confused enough already or needed more on my plate, but I was watching it like I used to watch magicians at kindergarten parties, how is he doing this! Beautiful, especially with accompanying explanations.


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