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Thread: ReMINDer - TREELEAF FORUM will be CLOSED for WASHINGTON RETREAT August 9th thru 14th

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    ReMINDer - TREELEAF FORUM will be CLOSED for WASHINGTON RETREAT August 9th thru 14th

    Dear All,

    This is just a reMINDer that our TREELEAF FORUM will be CLOSED to all discussion during the days from Sunday August 9th through Thursday August 14th so that all our attention and Practice can center on the Washington D.C. Retreat to be guided by Taigu. ALL SECTIONS of the Forum, except Private Message function (and certain administrative sections), will be locked to posting. A link will be provided soon where all of us can watch and join in the netcast sittings of the Retreat during those days.

    Now is a time for Silence and Sitting.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Hello All,

    I have been clicking around to all the various threads with retreat info, thought I would consolidate some of it here for those of us following along at home. If anything has changed, someone please post corrections!

    From Yugen:

    The retreat begins on the morning of Saturday August 9 and ends about 2 PM on Thursday August 14.

    And from Taigu:

    The whole retreat will be posted on line as it goes by Dokan and the link will be:

    Please read before the retreat the following chapters of Shobogenzo :

    Valley sounds, Mountain colors, Keisei Sanshiki
    Mountains and Waters sutra, Sansuigyo
    Awesome presence of Active Buddhas, Gyobutsu yuigi
    Undivided activity, Zenki
    You may add to your pre readings Buddha alone, together with Buddha, yui Butsu yo Butsu and Genjokoan that we will plough over and over again.

    This is a typical day of the retreat...

    5: 30 : waking up
    6: 00 - 6:40: zazen
    6:45-7:25: zazen
    7:30-8:15: zazen
    8:15-8:45: ceremony
    8:45-9:00: free time
    9:00-9:30: breakfast (0ryoki)
    9:30-10:00: coffee tea /dokusan
    10:00-12:00: training/ and sewing
    12:00-12:30 :lunch
    12: 30-13:30: rest
    13:30-14:10: zazen
    14:15-15:00: zazen
    15:00-17:00: sewing/ samu
    17:00-18:00: circle and teaching
    18:00-19:00 : freetime dokusan
    19:00-20:00: diner /coffee tea
    20:00-20:40: zazen
    20:45-21:30: fukanzazenji in Japanese
    21:30-22:30: freetime / priests meeting/ training if necessary
    22:30: bedtime

    Of course, this can be adjusted according to everyday needs as well as to the kitchen rhythm.

    I hope this is useful.

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