Hi Everyone,

So I thought I'd share some of the details around the accommodations for the retreat. In the enclosed pictures are the house layout. While some of the particulars are still being fleshed out, the current plans are as follows:

Main Level Floor Plan
- Opt. Main Level Bedroom = Taigu's Quarters
- Opt. Rear Sunroom + Breakfast = Dining area
- Living Room = Reading/Free Area

Lower Level Floor Plan
- Opt. Media Room = Zendo (Possibly used for dokusan)
- Opt. Recreation Room = Zendo (Possibly used for sitting, teisho, etc)
- Opt. Recreation Room under Opt. Sunroom = Sewing, conversational area for breaks
- Opt. Den = Free bedroom

Upper Level Floor Plan
- Bedroom#2 = Free bedroom (Jundo & Son while visiting)
- Bedroom #3 = Free bedroom
- Bedroom #4 = Free bedroom
- Master Bedroom = Dokan's Quarters.



Here's the averages for Leesburg in August. (Quite warm). Fortunately we have central air so as long as we stay inside it'll maintain a constant 72F or 22C.

I think this may give an overview, but please feel free to ask any questions and I'll attempt to answer.