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Thread: Washington DC Retreat Announcement

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    Washington DC Retreat Announcement

    Dear Treeleafers,
    Just to remind you, for the coming retreat in Washington DC you will need :
    A sleeping-bag
    A camping sleeping mattress
    Your own towels (and personal hygiene stuff)
    Zafu (not zabuton)
    An Oryoki Set (to eat meals)
    Comfortable cloths to sit in
    Bring your Rakusu / Kesa, if you have one

    I look forward to practicing with you.


    PS: For those coming from outside the USA, make sure you have pre-clearance from US Immigration, even if your country is part of the Visa Waiver programme. Also, you'll need Dokan's non-Buddhist name and address to give the authorities as the place you'll be staying while in the US. You'll need that with you when travelling.
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    Here's my information:

    Shawn Edwards
    15761 Baskerville Court
    Leesburg, VA, 20176

    I plan on making a post shortly with more information about the weather, accommodations, location, proximity to things (airport/DC/metro/etc) and whatever else I can think of.


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    Washington DC Retreat Announcement

    Please everyone, also bring a zafu!

    Dokan and his family are very generously providing zabutons.

    Deep bows

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    I have two extra zafus that I can bring if needed (for folks who may have difficulties with theirs for air-travel or whatever).

    Thank you all for the update and for making this happen.

    Deep bows.
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    Hi folks,

    You may add to your pre readings Buddha alone, together with Buddha, yui Butsu yo Butsu and Genjokoan that we will plough over and over again.
    Please if you have no sewing project, bring along stuff to start a rakusu and sewing material and needles.
    Everybody will help the kitchen staff with the washing up so they will have a bit more time on their hands to join the rest of us.

    This is a typical day of the retreat, I corrected a few things:

    5: 30 : waking up
    6: 00 - 6:40: zazen
    6:45-7:25: zazen
    7:30-8:15: zazen
    8:15-8:45: ceremony
    8:45-9:00: free time
    9:00-9:30: breakfast (0ryoki)
    9:30-10:00: coffee tea /dokusan
    10:00-12:00: training/ and sewing
    12:00-12:30 :lunch
    12: 30-13:30: rest
    13:30-14:10: zazen
    14:15-15:00: zazen
    15:00-17:00: sewing/ samu
    17:00-18:00: circle and teaching
    18:00-19:00 : freetime dokusan
    19:00-20:00: diner /coffee tea
    20:00-20:40: zazen
    20:45-21:30: fukanzazenji in Japanese
    21:30-22:30: freetime / priests meeting/ training if necessary
    22:30: bedtime

    Of course, this can be adjusted according to everyday needs as well as to the kitchen rhythm.

    The whole retreat will be posted on line as it goes by Dokan and the link will be:


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    Hi All,

    will the retreat be on Youtube or only on Google+? If that is a nonsensical question please forgive me, I am 100,000 years old and non-techy Will it be right here on the Treeleaf website?


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    Dokan can speak better to this since he will be broadcasting, but generally it is G+ when live and is automatically converted to a YouTube video for later viewing.

    So, both!


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    Wonderful, thank you Dosho!


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    Dosho is exactly right. We will live stream on Google and then archive on you tube if you missed it.

    We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
    ~Anas Nin

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    Thank you Dokan!


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    Hi all, just before the forum is closed, I wanted to wish you all a good retreat. I'll sit with you as much as I can starting tomorrow first zazen.


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    Same to you. Gassho, all.
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