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Thread: BIG EVENT II: Our Shukke Tokudo Homeleaving Ordination of Shingen & Shugen - SUNDAY!

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    BIG EVENT II: Our Shukke Tokudo Homeleaving Ordination of Shingen & Shugen - SUNDAY!

    This Sunday July 6th (Sunday 10 AM Eastern Time, 7AM Pacific Time in North America, 3pm London Time and 4pm Paris Time), our Sangha will welcome new novice priests through the ritual of 'Shukke Tokudo' Homeleaving Ordination.

    As is typical of our Sangha, the ceremony will be conducted simultaneously in various places around the world ... dropping all thought of here and there, now and then ... with the Preceptor (Jundo) in Japan, and our Ordainees, Shingen Michael Price in Canada, Shugen 'Ron' Culver in the United States, all as witnessed by our Sangha members in many countries.

    If you would like to witness the ceremony, and join in our celebration, the netcast will be seen at this link on Google+ ...

    The ceremony will be about an hour or so. We have room for several folks who have webcams and know how to join a Google+ Hangout to join as 'witnesses' to the ceremony on behalf of the entire Sangha. If you can commit to being there, and are already familiar with Google+, please e-mail or PM to Jundo. I will try to include as many people as I can. While everyone else will watch "one way" at the link above, our witnesses shall be representing the warm hearts of everyone witnessing the ceremony from home.

    If you cannot join us live, FEAR NOT, as the entire event will be recorded and shared with everyone at the above link for all to witness later.

    Thank you to all in our Sangha for joining us in this time of celebration.

    If you would like to read a bit more about the meaning of Shukke Tokudo Homeleaving as a Novice-Priest here at Treeleaf, please look below in this thread.


    Gassho, Jundo
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    Dear All,

    I am very content to make this announcement, and ask everyone sitting with our Sangha to join in its celebration. OUR SANGHA WILL WELCOME THROUGH 'Home Leaving' ORDINATION TWO NEW NOVICE-PRIEST TRAINEES, well known faces around here ... Shingen Michael Price and Shugen 'Ron' Culver. They will join our present Novice-Priest Trainees, Fugen, Mongen, Dosho, Myozan, Kyonin, Yugen and Shokai. Shugen and Shingen will be Ordained by Jundo as Novice Priest-Trainees.

    From time to time, after undertaking Zen practice for many years, a person may feel in their heart a certain calling. They may wish to train in our traditions and embody them in order to keep this way alive into the next generation as clergy. They may feel a calling within themselves to live as a servant and minister to the community, to the Sangha and to all living beings.

    Traditionally, in India, China, Japan and the other Buddhist countries of Asia, one was expected to leave one’s home and family behind in order to begin the necessary training and practice of an “apprentice”. Thus, the ancient ceremony of ordination in Buddhism became known as Shukke Tokudo, “Leaving Home to Take the Way”. Now, in modern Japan and in the West, one of the great changes in the nature of Buddhist clergy has been that most of us function more as “ministers” than “monks”, with family and children, often with outside jobs as “Right Livelihood” supporting us, while ministering to a community of parishioners. This, in keeping with changes in cultures and society, has done much to bring Buddhism out from behind monastery walls. While, now, we may be living in a monastic setting for periods of weeks or months (and thus can be called “monks” during such times), we then return to the world beyond monastery walls, where these teachings have such relevance for helping people in this ordinary life. We are not bound by monastery walls, dropping all barriers separating "inside" from "out". Thus, the term “leaving home” has come to have a wider meaning, of “leaving behind” greed, anger, ignorance, the harmful emotions and attachments that fuel so much of this world, in order to find the “True Home” we all share. In such way, we find that Home that can never be left, take to the Way that cannot be taken.

    Someone’s undertaking “Shukke Tokudo” is not a “raising up” of their position in the Sangha, it is not an honor or “promotion” into some exalted status, not by any meaning. Far from it, it is a lowering of oneself in offering to the community, much as all of us sometimes deeply bow upon the ground in humility, raising up others and the whole world above our humbled heads.

    It is to volunteer and offer oneself as the lowest ‘sailor on the ship’ at the beck and call of the passengers' well-being and needs, a nurse to help clean soiled linens, a brother or sister to sacrifice oneself for a family, a friend offering to help carry a burden. One must be committed sincerely to serve and benefit others, and one must not undertake such a road for one’s own benefit, praise or reward.

    What is more, the undertaking of “Shukke Tokudo” is not the end of the road of training, not by any meaning. Far from it, it is but the first baby steps. Perhaps, years down the road, the person will find that that they still have the inner calling to continue this path … and, perhaps, years down the road, they may have embodied this Tradition sufficiently to continue it and be certified as full “priest” and a teacher … but there is no guaranty of any of that. For this reason, one undertaking “Home Leaving” is not yet recognized in the Zen world as truly a fully ordained “priest” for many years, and is called an “Unsui”, meaning “clouds and water”. The best translation in English is “apprentice priest” or "novice priest" or “priest trainee”. Perhaps, years down the road, some trainees will be felt to have embodied these traditions sufficiently in order to function independently as teachers … but not necessarily. For now, they are just school children expected to learn … with the future not assured, and no promises about future promise. (Of course, we are all beginners, all children … all learning from each other … teachers learning from students too).

    We hope that, in the coming years, other people will feel this same calling. It must be by mutual decision. It is not something that should be rushed into, nor rushed through. Although people are all different, maybe a good time to first consider such a thing would be only after practicing for 5 years or longer, and then it should be deeply thought about (and non-thought about) for longer still before first taking on the responsibilities of being an apprentice student-priest.

    For now, [u]I am pleased to announce that Shugen and Shingen will be our next “class” of Novice Priest-Trainees in a great experiment here. The reason is that, given the nature of our Sangha, the coming years of training will have to be done in some traditional ways and some very new, innovative ways. If anyone wishes to download and read a very long and detailed statement of the ‘goalless goals’ of training that these people are expected to follow and come to embody … here it is (33 pages, PDF).

    These “Treeleaf Sangha Guidelines for Training Soto Zen Buddhist Clergy” are based, as closely as we can, upon guidelines for priest training established by the Soto Zen Buddhist Association (SZBA) of North America. The process of training, with no guaranty that it can ever come to flower, will take several years. As our Guidelines state:

    These Guideline seek to address four main topics for individuals wishing to train as clergy and teachers of Soto Zen Buddhism within the Treeleaf Sangha:

    1. Purpose – What are we training priests for? How should a priest trainee gain necessary skills to function when out on their own, and how are they expected to function and conduct themselves both during and after training?

    2. Standards – How do we train priests? What do we expect from a priest after ordination? What areas of work are essential?

    3. Elements – What are the specific activities, events, and processes that make up priest training?

    4. Stages – What do we expect of a person before ordination (shukke tokudo)? What, if any stages should priests pass through after ordination?

    However, these Guidelines, and our Sangha’s program of training, are necessarily works in progress, and an ongoing endeavour, and thus subject to great experimentation, constant adjustment, flexibility and change throughout their unfolding.


    The purpose of priest training is to prepare individuals for a life dedicated to exemplifying the Dharma with integrity via empowering them to extend Buddhist teachings and Soto Zen practice out in the world, all in keeping with the traditional teachings of Soto Zen Buddhism and the philosophy of our Lineage.

    Priest training encourages the continuing unfolding of the Bodhisattva ideal characterized by the Six Paramitas of giving, ethical conduct, patience, energy, meditation, and wisdom. Yet the heart and flowering of our way is always Shikantaza, sitting and moving in stillness without grasping or rejecting any of the constantly arising and changing phenomena of life as-they-are, the life practice of the Buddhas and Ancestors manifesting and realizing the Genjô-kôan, the fundamental point actualized through this life-practice

    Although much of the training and experience-gathering to be acquired, by necessity in our Lineage, must occur at a distance, with some ingenuity and in small steps and pieces, all must be part of an unbroken whole. It is the quality of the results which matter most, and the maintenance of integrity throughout, more than the traditional road followed to arrive at the destination. In this training, both teacher and student must use care, employ great effort and creativity, overcome any hurdles and pay constant attention to detail such that no aspect of training is neglected.

    Training, sometimes in a residential setting and sometimes not, sometimes in a group with others and sometimes by the student's own endeavors, will be based on the following perspectives …

    The period of formation that follows upon novice ordination (shukke tokudo) may continue for any number of years prior to possible (although never inevitable) Dharma Transmission, but truly continues as a lifelong endeavor that will sustain individuals dedicated to exemplifying the Dharma and the the Bodhisattva ideal. Completing formal priest training will mean that an individual has internalized the tradition, is capable of transmitting it, and vows to devote her or himself to a life of continuous practice and service.The individual’s dedication to the elements of priest training must enable him or her to maintain a regular, disciplined zazen practice, to instruct and guide others in their practice, to present and discuss the history and teachings of Buddhism and Soto Zen, to perform services and ceremonies in the Soto style as appropriate and required in the circumstance, and to actively nurture and serve both Sangha and the larger community and society.

    In addition, priest training must make the individual aware of the highest ethical standards which must always be maintained by a member of the clergy, thereby assisting him or her in maintaining such standards in his or her personal life at all times. Training will also enable the individual to demonstrate personal qualities that inspire trust and confidence and encourage others to practice. Finally, training will enable the individual to clearly understand – and communicate to others – the relationship of Zen teaching and practice to everyday life.

    We hope that you will join us in wishing Shingen and Shugen well in their start on this long undertaking. Most of you will know them very well from their almost daily participation here over several years, and the energy, wisdom and compassion they always bring to our community. The ceremony will occur much as our prior Ordination Ceremonies, across oceans using all means of modern media, dropping all thought of place and time.

    As in all we undertake in our Sangha, the ceremony will not be limited to a specific location, much as our annual Jukai here at Treeleaf … and we hope that you will all join us for the ceremonies when the time comes.

    Gassho, Jundo
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    Joy with ALL!

    "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"

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    Hello all

    Shingen and Shugen, I am so happy you are joining the ranks of the other novice priests here. Thank you for making the commitment. I look forward to witnessing your home-leaving.


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    Hello All,

    wonderful, wonderful! What a happy day for us all! Congratulations to you Shingen and Shugen, or rather, deep gratitude to you both


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    I will attend either live, recorded, or other!

    If I'm already enlightened why the hell is this so hard?

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    Brings tears to my eyes, thank you to both of you for your amazing dedication and support. I will definitely be there to watch.

    Deep bows to you both,


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    Deep, deep bows!



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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for your kind words and support ... I am in honour of all of you, my sangha, my home. I am excited to walk this path and to be of service. I look forward to supporting and helping in anyway that I can. =)

    Deep bows

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    Awesome! Shugen and Shingen, carrying the torch. Smiling for you from ear to ear right now, and for all the Sangha. To live in service, such a beautiful act. Continuing to bring the Dharma into the States, though there's nothing to bring, and no one to bring it.

    Gassho, John

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shingen View Post
    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for your kind words and support ... I am in honour of all of you, my sangha, my home. I am excited to walk this path and to be of service. I look forward to supporting and helping in anyway that I can. =)

    Deep bows
    And we are honoured that you have made this sangha your home, Shingen.


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    Shingen and Shugen, my best wishes to both of you. I am honored to know that you will soon become Novice Priest in Training. Deep bows to both of you for your service to this Sangha.


    “Blessed are the flexible, for they never get bent out of shape." Author Unknown

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    BIG EVENT II: Our Shukke Tokudo Homeleaving Ordination of Shingen & Shugen - ...

    Hello all,

    I also would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support. I look forward to the coming years. The Three Treasures are Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. But without Sangha....

    With Deeply Respectful Bows to All,

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    Meido Shugen
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    Congratulations to Shugen and Shingen - appreciate your presence and commitment.



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    S & S,

    I will be visiting my parents for the holiday in the US, but will find a quiet corner to tune in Sunday morning my time to witness this wonderful event!

    Deep bows to my brothers; so very content to walk this path with you.


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    Deep bows



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    Deep bows to Shingen and Shugen. I look forward to the ceromony, wouldn't miss it for anything.

    Gassho Daizan

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    That's lovely!

    Will try to be there live to see this great event - probably without webcam though, so please reserve seats for those with one.


    no thing needs to be added

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    Hello Shingen and Shugen,

    thank you so much for your commitment. We need for the dharma seeds to spread and to take root while we still can. Who knows what kind of religious or political climate we might have inthe West in a few generations. Thank you for your troubles in advance!


    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Dear Shingen and Shugen,

    It will be an honor to be present on your ceremony.

    Thank you for your commitment and practice.

    Deep bows, brothers.

    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    Shingen and Shujin,
    I am honored to be your Brother, and am grateful to you both. I will be present on Sunday to join in the celebration.

    Deep bows

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    Congratulations and deep bows to Shingen and Shugen


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    Deep bows to your dedication and practice. I would love to be able to witness this wonderful event live, but I will be on retreat this weekend. I will view the ceremony next week.



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    Good morning everyone,

    Again thank you so much for your kind words and congrats ... you show and truly are a Sangha that I hold dear to my heart. =)

    P.S. Even if you are not able to make the ceremony, not too worry, you are and will always be there! =)

    Deep bows

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    Shugen, Shingen,
    you guys are a great inspiration and your dedication is wonderful,

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    Shingen and Shugen,
    Thanks so much for this offering. I will definitely be there, in one "form" or another.
    Happy bows.

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    Thank you all for your service. Many bows. Learn well.
    求道芸化 Kyūdō Geika
    I am just a priest-in-training, please do not take anything I say as a teaching.

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    Shugen and Shingen,
    many deep bows.
    Due to the time of day, this will be the first opportunity for me to attend live (still without webcam, though).
    I'm feeling honoured that I can be with you on this special day.

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    Respect and deep bows to the two of you. You will both be fine Unsui and great inspiration to all of us.


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    Congratulations to Shugen and Shingen. deep bows in gratitude for your commitment to our well-being.


    and neither are they otherwise.

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    Deep-bows to both of you on your commitment.

    It will be an honor to continue practicing and learning with and from you.


    明 Seimyō (Christhatischris)

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    Congratulations to you both.

    Neika / Ian Adams

    寧 Nei - Peaceful/Courteous
    火 Ka - Fire

    Look for Buddha outside your own mind, and Buddha becomes the devil. --Dogen

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    Congratulations and deep bows to you both.


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    Congratulations, Shingen and Shugen, you have been wonderful in leading many of us in our sitting and learning more about our path in Zen. I feel really honored of knowing you both and will definitelly be there as witness. I want to be part of such wonderful moment in your, and our, lives. GASSHO

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    Hello all,

    This is wonderful news! Congratulations to you Shugen and Shingen, I look forward to continuing this path with you both.

    I won't be able to tune in until later on Sunday...but I will be there with you.


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    Thank you Shugen and Shingen for your dedication to the practice and the Sanga. I will be there Live, wouldn't want to miss it!

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    Wonderful news. I will be at work, but very happy you both are undertaking this.



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    Shugen and Shingen,
    Deep gratitude to you. A happy day!

    Gassho, Entai

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    Wow ... thank you everyone for your warm congrats, I truly feel them all. =)

    I think we might have to rent a bigger party hall for hold everyone and order more party hats too.


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    Hi all,

    Congratulations to you both on the undertaking you are about to embark on. I will be present to watch you both receive your ordinations. And Shingen, I would like a blue party hat, if you please .

    Forever is so very temporary...

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    Shingen Michael Price and Shugen 'Ron' Culver, happy sailing on your new adventure. deepest bows

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    Great news! I just thought this would happen at the end of the August retreat?
    I'll try to be there live (first time I can attend such a ceremony).
    Thank you Shugen and Shingen for your practice and service, and congratulations!


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    It is great to watch our Sangha grow...I feel so glad for Shingen and Shugen to be our new ordainees....may their path alleviate the suffering of us all

    Deep Bows

    Thank you for your practice

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    Congratulations, dear Shingen and Shugen, and thank you for your generosity in doing this. I will be watching the ceremony...

    Deep Bows



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    Shingen and Shugen, I ll be there with you on this special day. Waiting to give you a big hug in Washington.

    Three pai


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    Hello Taigu,

    Thank you for your warm and kind blessing! =)

    Deep bows

    Quote Originally Posted by Taigu View Post
    Shingen and Shugen, I ll be there with you on this special day. Waiting to give you a big hug in Washington.

    Three pai


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    Congrats to shingen and shugen. U have truly supported this sangha .

    Kind regards. /\
    無 (MU, Emptiness) and 氷 (HYO, Ice) ... Emptiness Ice ...

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    A heartfelt congratulations to you both! I will be unable to attend live but plan on watching the recorded ceremony.

    "The moment has priority". ~ Bon Haeng

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