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Thread: Call Me Kuchu: For the LGBT Community in Uganda

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    Call Me Kuchu: For the LGBT Community in Uganda

    Dear All,

    Kyogen Carlson, the Teacher at the Dharma Rain Zen Center in Portland, Oregon, has asked various Zen groups to post information on this documentary about a terrible situation. They are trying to raise funds. This concerns the tragic situation of LGBT Ugandans who were being violently attacked after the anti-gay law was passed there.

    He writes ...

    [Consultations], much of it with local and Ugandan Evangelicals, has led to several events here in Portland about this problem.

    First, we will be showing the award winning film “Call Me Kuchu” at a theater here in Portland. “Kuchu” is the term Ugandan LGBT folks have chosen for themselves. We have also arranged for a number of people who feature prominently in the film, including Bishop Christopher Senyonjo and LGBT activitsts, to come to Portland to be on a panel to address the audience after the film.

    Next, we are arranging for another showing of the film on the campus of a local conservative Christian University, with the blessing of the administration, and hosted by an institute of the University. The purpose of this event is to bring to awareness within their larger community the involvement of Evangelicals in stirring up this issue. A Ugandan Evangelical will be present to attest to the veracity of the film. This is a huge step.

    Finally, a dialog is planned to bring Christians and non-Christians, right and left, Gay and straight, together to meet about this and related issues. That will be challenging, but from my experience, promises to be rich and fruitful.

    ... We are looking for individuals, institutes, organizations, what-have-you, who would be willing to help fund the expenses involved in bringing the Ugandans to Portland. We are about a third of the way there, which is great on short notice.

    ... We have secured funds to bring Bishop Christopher and John Abdallah Wambere, a Ugandan LGBT activist. We hope to raise enough to bring Bishop’s assistant.
    To make a donation via PayPal for the Bishop Christopher, Call Me Kuchu Film Event, please use the link below.

    Here is information about the film. Maybe some folks would be interested in contacted Kyogen or the producers about arranging a similar event.

    Gassho, J
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