Hi Everyone,

I've been reading TNH's sutra commentaries. I'm taking it at a slow pace. The first interpretation in the book was on the Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing. It really has changed how I get through my day!! It's been a great assistance to be aware of my breath on that level and to center myself when things start going in my mind (that nice, murky, crappy mind my Buddha mind likes to point out all the time! Which is Buddha mind also..)

I wondered if anyone else had read this piece or had any comments? I am aware that the sutras are very open to interpretation and not necessarily completely accurate accounts from the Buddha (since they were recorded so long after the fact.) When works, though, in daily life I think it is worth mentioning.


The above has a great breakdown of the version I read. There are 16 steps of awareness in the sutra. Of course, zazen is my main practice throughout my day (I sit on my lunch break, and in my vehicle before and after work and before bed) but this has really added a nice element to my day.

Deep Gassho,