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Thread: Looking for a specific book (A monk lost his legs and/or arms)

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    Looking for a specific book (A monk lost his legs and/or arms)

    Hello everyone,
    its been a long while ago I read a reference to a book, but I cannot find the reference anymore, not did google help (sigh),

    The story is about a guy ( I think it was a buddhist monk), who lost his legs (or arms or both, I think in war), and we suffered a lot, but one day he kind of decided to live his life just as it is, accepting and I think there was a phrase like "as if he was born like this", which turned his whole life to the better. it must be quite an old book and I know chances are low, but maybe if anyone can give me any pointer I would deeply appreciate it.

    Thank you for reading

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    Dear Myoku,

    I wish you can find this book.

    and, at the same time who cares?

    please, find yourself.

    (that is not a Treelaf like answer...but you understand me...)

    all the best


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    Have done some digging but haven't struck gold in search of a book, but if you find it, let us know.


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    I also looked for awhile and came up empty, but if you think of any other details let us know. Sounds interesting!

    If I am posting, I have sat today.

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    I read this story as an example to make a point in a zen book but do not recall ever coming across a book just about this story.

    Gassho, Jishin
    治 healing
    心 mind

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    Thank you everyone,

    and yes Taigu, I understand, its up to me, of course, thank you!

    Jishin, yes, I read it in a book, the story and I'm sure it contained a reference to a book,
    but of course to be sure not needs to mean my mind is reliable about it


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