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Thread: TREELEAF WALK OF LIFE: Santiago de compostela 14-21 june

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    TREELEAF WALK OF LIFE: Santiago de compostela 14-21 june


    I have been invited to, and will walk the santiago de compostela route 14-21 of june with students from the university where i do charitywork.

    If you are in the neighbourhood, you are invited to meet up, and walk a stretch with me.

    This also brings up an topic we discussed some year ago, "THE TREELEAF WALK OF LIFE", where you gather a group and walk a distance, maybe on an pilgrimage route.
    I would say that anything that you walk/crawl/roll/skip/hop/jump/etc and where YOU invite people to join, in the name of Treeleaf, is an Treeleaf walk of life.

    The aim is to get people doing something together, in this case walking.
    This is an effort of "sanghaship", doing something together, meeting others and yourself.
    It doesnt have to be an pilgrimage or anything big, just put up a date, somewhere to be, walk a stretch and we have an event.
    What you do at it is up to you.

    Yes, movement is a funny word isn't it, especially when talking about walking...

    May the force be with you

    Ps. there will be some "TREELEAF WALK OF LIFE"-walks done in sweden this summer, more information on those later.

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    Thanks for the invite. Can't leave the country, but, please accept heart presence.

    "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"

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    For all that want to meet up, or just Be there with us in spirit, we will walk in to the town of Santiago de compostela morning-"ish", on friday the 20th.


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