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Thread: Interview with AZI Monk Alain Liebmann

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    Interview with AZI Monk Alain Liebmann

    Interview With Zen Monk Alain Liebmann
    Here is a link to ‘Zen Comes West: Interview With Zen Monk Alain Liebmann’. The interview was conducted by Ian Kilroy (that's me ) with Liebmann in the Galway Zen Dojo, in May 2014, shortly before he left Ireland after almost 25 years here to return to France. Liebmann did much to introduce the teachings of Soto Zen to Ireland. When he came in 1991, there was really no Zen practice here. He leaves behind him at least five or six Zen Dojo around the country, and a strong Zen Sangha in the lineage of Taisen Deshimaru.
    Here is his biography from the 'Zen in Ireland' website:

    Alain Tai Nan Liebmann is a Zen monk with 35 years’ experience of meditation. He is one of Deshimaru's original disciples. He received transmission from Koshu Itabashi Zenji in Sojiji temple (June 2, 2013) and Eiheiji temple (June 7, 2013), and Zuise (transmission certificate) from the Sotoshu.


    PS See this link also:
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    This very interesting Myozan. As I listen to his interview I wonder if he has influenced you in any way?

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    Interview with AZI Monk Alain Liebmann

    Hi Clark,
    I am glad you are left wondering if he was an influence for me as you listen to the piece. This interview was done in the objective voice of a journalist, not as a trainee priest ... I did it as 'Ian Kilroy', my secular name. I suspended judgement throughout.

    Indeed, I do not like the style of sitting in his Dojos: too rigid. Therefore, I came to this place, which I think is much better.

    However, he deserves respect and credit for what he has done for Zen in my country ... even if I do not like his approach to practice that much and there are things I don't agree with.

    Although, there are many things he says that I do agree with too.

    This interview is not a teaching by myself as a priest. It is him talking throughout. I am merely facilitating him, allowing him to tell his story as a reporter.


    PS: it is a very rough cut I threw together yesterday. It needs to be cleaned up and about 20 mins knocked off it. It's about an hour as it is ... way too long.
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    I enjoyed the interview, listened to it last night. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hello Myozan,

    Thank you for this ... I enjoyed it very much. =)


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    Thank you. I appreciate your perspective as a journalist.

    Deep bows

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    Hello Myozan,

    I really enjoyed listening to this interview. To my ears it wasn't too long - I felt Liebmann relaxed as the minutes ticked by and
    it was illuminating.

    A couple of things struck me. 'You can't leave money behind without having money'. I thought the interview was a good example of how Zen needs to be rooted in the modern world - that a teacher is not sheltered from our everyday concerns and needs to be proactive in making some kind of living.

    I did wonder if the above might have been less of a struggle if Liebmann had relaxed his disciplined approach and offered Zazen at different times in the day - to accomodate individual's with family responsibilites, etc.

    But I admire his tenacity and the interview gives a very down to earth picture of what it takes to dedicate one's life to teaching.



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    Thank you Myozan. As someone new to zen I found it a fascinating interview.

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    Thank you for posting this.

    Just on a point in the interview. The dojo in Exchequer St was open until at least mid 1999, as I used to sit there in this period. At a guess I'd say it closed in 1999 or 2000 at the latest.

    It was interesting to hear some background on Alain. I used to enjoy sitting in the dojo, hearing his French accent as he spoke about Zen during zazen.

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    Forgot to comment on this, but I enjoyed this interview as well. Thank you Myozan.

    Gassho, Shawn

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