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Thread: US Retreat Update: Registration and Logistics

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    US Retreat Update: Registration and Logistics

    Greetings all,

    Planning is moving into high gear for the August 9-14 retreat. First I'd like to apologize for delays in providing relevant information. I know folks want to make travel arrangements so timely information is important. The purpose of this post is to provide relevant information regarding registration, travel, and schedule updates:

    1) We are able to accept registration and deposits for the retreat at this time. If you plan on attending the retreat please PM me and I will forward a registration form to you. This form will request emergency contact data, dates of attendance, and any health conditions and/or dietary needs of which we should be aware. Requests for financial adjustment for the cost of the retreat can also be made on the registration form. Information regarding the manner in which to make the initial deposit will be on included on the form. Once again, please PM me for the registration form if you plan on attending so we can get you set up.

    2) The retreat begins on the morning of Saturday August 9 and ends about 2 PM on Thursday August 14. Please make travel arrangements so that you are at the retreat location on the late afternoon or evening of Friday, August 8. If you cannot make the entire retreat that is fine - please indicate on the registration form which days you plan to attend. We do request that of you arrive while the retreat is underway, that you arrive in time to begin the day's activity. If that is not possible, please plan to arrive at midday, during lunch. We'd like to minimize the disruption of arrivals during practice periods. As previously noted, Dokan has graciously offered us the use of his home for the retreat. The address will be on the registration form.

    3) Our colleague and Sangha member Seizan has volunteered to track and coordinate travel arrangements for those attending the retreat. Please email her with your travel arrangements. She will collect this information and determine whether or not group transportation to/from Dulles Airport is desirable/possible. If people arrive in close time proximity to one another, we will consider renting a van or similar arrangement. If arrival times are too scattered, ride sharing is possible. Please email Seizan at with your travel arrangements once these are made.

    4) We plan on a vegetarian menu for the duration of the retreat. Please indicate on the registration form if you have any specific dietary needs or restrictions. If you have specific accomodation requests/concerns, please PM me directly. As space is limited, we will be sharing several rooms and request that everyone where possible bring a sleeping bag. For those traveling in from overseas, this may be cumbersome. Please let me know if you require a sleeping bag - I have several extras if you need one. Also, please bring a rakusu or kesa sewing project as there will be sewing practice during the retreat. If you are not yet in the process of preapring for Jukai and do not have sewing project in progress, don't worry. It will be possible to be part of this activity by working with a partner.

    5) Once folks are registered, we will provide specific information regarding retreat etiquette, schedule, and jobs during the retreat. Everyone will be expected to contribute as part of retreat attendance.

    6) Costs - for the retreat deposit, please calculate 20. USD per day you plan on attending up to a maximum of 100. USD. The deposit is expected at the time of registration form submission. Due to a generous donation form a Sangha member, we are able to offer limited "scholarships" or "stipends" to make it possible for individuals to attend. The maximum retreat attendance fee will be 200 USD but we will are now able to make allowances for those with limited budgets. If you would like to request a retreat "stipend," please indicate this on the registration form. Please be realistic about your ability to contribute the attendance fee. If your need is genuine, we can make assistance available. We do not want financial considerations to prevent individuals from attending.

    That's it for now. Please PM me with questions and/or to request a registration form. Please also include your email address so I can send the form. It is in word format and cannot be attached to a PM.

    Deep bows
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    Hello Yugen,

    thank you so much for all your work surrounding this wonderful opportunity to practise together.


    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Yes, thank you Yugen.



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    My Thanks and gratitude also Yugen for all thew work and effort you are putting in to the organization of the retreat



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    Thank you for your hard work.

    PS: At Taigu's request, I'm going to do a film on retreat etiquette. Entering and leaving the zendo; when to bow and sit, etc. More to follow ...

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    On the subject of Zendo etiquette there is this:

    And it gives instructions for entering the Zendo thus:

    Hold your hands in shashu position and step forward with your left foot at the left side of the entrance. When leaving the zendo, step out with your right foot at the same side of the entrance. Only the abbot of the monastery may enter the hall from the middle of the entrance.After entering the hall, bow in gassho toward the altar and go to your seat. As a sign of respect, you should refrain from walking in front of the statue of Manjushri Bodhisattva. Rather, you should walk around behind the image. When walking, keep your hands in the shashu position.
    I had been taught that this was the correct procedure. However, when in Kanshoji and bowing in gassho towards the altar on entering the zendo I was told not to gassho but just to bow in shashu. So which is correct or are both? A question for Taigu I guess.



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    Taigu obviously has the last and only important word ont his, but please allow me a two cent remark

    Almost every temple in Japan has tiny etiquette variations, and this applies even to Oryoki etc., so it is best to humbly ask those who host a Sesshin to outline the basic procedures. I practised with some Zen veterans with decades of experience at Shogoji, but when it came to some basic procedures, they were just as lost as me

    Thank you Myozan for the extra work!


    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Hi. Yes. Hans is spot on in this. I'll be following the directions of our guiding teacher, Taigu, in all details.

    PS: Maybe having this discission here deflects from Yugen's important announcement above and should be had elsewhere?

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    Thank you Yugen!


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    Thank you Yugen and all who have worked to bring about this opportunity.


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    Yugen thanks



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    Thank you Yugen for all your hard work and dedication! =)


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    Well, I'm a little late, but thanks Yugen!
    If I'm already enlightened why the hell is this so hard?

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    Thank you, Yugen.
    "First you have to give up." Tyler Durden

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    Gassho, please.



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