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Thread: Shohei has decided to leave the priest training

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    Contradictory feelings. Another opportunity to practice.
    We are all in this path. Teaching and learning. Wherever our position. We meet in the practice.
    Please forgive any mistake in my writing. Like in Zen, in English I am only a beginner.

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    Best wishes to you. All paths are the right paths, whether or not they are unsui paths or un-unsui paths, lol. I am always happy when a student comes to me and says this is not the right place for them, as long as they are making a mindful choice, as surely you are. That there is a different, hopefully better, place (or path/major) for them, and you, to follow is always a good thing. May it be bumpy enough to be meaningful.
    AL (Jigen) in:

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    Shohei, though you have chosen another path you continue along this one. Had you not chosen to leave I would not have seen this movie and resolved to continue on mine. Forever I will remember your name.

    Jundo.....thank you for sharing corny movie

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    Thank you Shohei for your practice, you are an inspiring honest presence, priest or not.
    Gassho Heisoku.
    平 息

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