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Thread: Super cheap Dogen

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    Super cheap Dogen

    Have you noticed sometimes that when you browse on Amazon, on the bottom of the pages there are advertisements, using the words that you've searched for? I was searching Amazon's Kindle Store, with the keyword Dogen, and at the bottom of the page, there was an advertisement with the following text:

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    Super cheap Dogen Save on Dogen. Big selection & giant bargains.

    I would like to save on Dogen; how do I do this? I would like a big selection of Dogens; I especially want giant bargains on my Dogens. Please tell me how I can do this.


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    Hi Kirk,

    You find Dogen on your cushion.


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    The best deals on Dogens are ad-supported. Enter to win Bonus Mega Dogens by entering the short 42-page survey! Kyosaku the monkey for a free iDogen.
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    I wonder if I can get a bargain on a couple of Dogens. I need them to understand this koan I have been working on.


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    Buy three Dogens for the price of not one not two.
    Clearance sale on nothing.
    Store full of emptiness!

    The clerk

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