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Thread: Announcement: Prototype JUKAI/TOKUDO 'DRIVE-THRU' in Japan (next ... Near You!)

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    Announcement: Prototype JUKAI/TOKUDO 'DRIVE-THRU' in Japan (next ... Near You!)

    Hi All,

    For a long time I have been looking for a way to reach out to Japanese people who don't think of a temple as a place one just "drops in" (unless one has dropped dead, of course!). Also, western people are so busy these days ... hustling back and forth in their cars. Is there a better way to reach them? Can we catch folks for a bit of Practice and Precepts on the way to work, dropping off the kids at school, or the 7-11 to pick up a carton of milk, with all the convenience of the local Yoga studio?

    So, Taigu and I have agreed to a new venture for Treeleaf, the first of its kind anywhere (as far as we know) ... the "Drive-Thru/Walk-Up Zendo & One Minute Jukai!" We will open the first out of a little window overlooking one of the busy sidewalks of the Ginza in downtown Tokyo, where hundreds of thousands of Japanese walk past each day (thank you to my friend, Mr. Tanahashi, for donating the space and use of his 'walk up' window. He has a little dry cleaning establishment, and so I thought we could offer Jukai for folk''s Karmic stains while he deals with peoples' tomato sauce stains). We are inspired by various "Drive in/Walk Up" Churches and wedding chapels that one now finds all over the US, especially in Las Vegas. They bring religion to the masses! We already catch so much flack for our "online Jukai/Ordinations" around Treeleaf, that Taigu and I figured this is just the next logical step ... Why not, what the hell!

    The most exciting aspect of this is what I call the "One Minute Jukai". Passers by would be offered the chance to undertake the Buddhist Precepts in just a minute of their time (I have been practicing how to do the entire Jukai ceremony at high speed, like an actioneer! Oh, I had to cut some corners ... like all that bowing and such ... but the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts are still there, a Precept every 4 seconds!) We have written material printed to briefly explain what we are doing ... all the good luck it will bring, including business and romantic success (sex sells, so long as not misused!). Every recipient will receive a little paper Rakusu (Cloth is cost prohibitive, and I found a company that makes those bibs one sometimes finds in lobster restaurants and, with a couple of snips of the scissors, they proved to be EXCELLENT Rakusu).

    Eventually, I would like to see a drive in/drive thru Zendo in America and the UK, where people can sit Zazen without even needing to get out of their cars!

    One thing about the "Drive Thru Jukai" Window is that folks will be able to come back as often as they wish ... every day if needed! I think we would also offer one of those stamp cards like they have at the Subway sandwich shop ... something like "Take 10 Jukai, Get One Free"! (Ah, did I mention there will be a small charge for this? Yes, the Ginza is expensive! It is all part of our new policy around here of accepting donations! I need to get Treeleaf's budget into the black before our shares go public!)

    And for regular customers, we are even going to offer "Presto Priest Ordinations" ... with all the tax benefits that go with that. Of course, that costs a bit more than the Jukai.

    What do you think?

    Here, by the way, is a little mock-up I worked up of what our "Buddha Window, Sit On The Run" will look like ...

    We hope to have it up and running by next April 1st!

    Gassho, Jundo and Taigu (always thinking of the next great idea in Zen!)
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    I see great possibilities for franchises there!



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    I know nothing.

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    Would it be possible to pick up some fries and a coke while I'm there?


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    That's brilliant idea! We're coming closer the religion to nearby the rush life and large urban area. I'd be wonderful if you take some snapshot and post here
    I've ever heard in Japan, they have the temple in a mall. And that also located in Tokyo too but, I'm not sure where's exact location and what's their name.
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    So, like, is it Jukai in 1 minute or your next one's free?

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    Will there be an Elvis/Non Elvis?

    Gassho C

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    Gosh, I am getting old...


    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    There may be some folks outside the US who don't know that today is .... APRIL FOOLS DAY!'_Day

    Gaaaaaaaahaaaahaaaasho. J

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    Shukke and a chocolate shake! What a deal! =)

    I would gassho, but I am enjoying this heavenly chocolate shake too much. LOL


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    Jundo, some times I think you live for April first. Darn it, each year I fall for it, at least for a few seconds!

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    I think one minute is excessive. Whatever happened to sudden enlightenment? Come on! Shouldn't the whole thing take no longer than a flash? This is so old school. Don't you believe in progress? Reading this, you could have ordained at least 50 monks!

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    When it showed up next to the new 'DOGEN' S DONUTS' (motto: "Get Dogin!!! ) . . . .^^

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    Almost fell for it, until I got to the lobster bibs.... Happy April Fool's.

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    Haha, nice Jundo!

    What about an Instant Enlightenment Crash Course?
    Imagine, you could then sell all those dropped small selves on an online auction portal!


    no thing needs to be added

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    Good one this year!
    求道芸化 Kyūdō Geika
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    I will have some battered fried rakusu rings to go with my Jukai please...

    Deep bows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yugen View Post
    I will have some battered fried rakusu rings to go with my Jukai please...

    Deep bows

    I think this is sorely lacking some mind altering virtual reality experience in 3D, though ... you need to work on the technology aspect a bit more, Jundo.

    Also, it is FLAK, not flack. Stands for Fliegerabwehrkanone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myosha View Post
    When it showed up next to the new 'DOGEN' S DONUTS' (motto: "Get Dogin!!! ) . . . .^^

    Oh I like it ... "Duggin Dogen Donuts". An Enso with sprinkles is our signature donut. =)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindo View Post
    Also, it is FLAK, not flack. Stands for Fliegerabwehrkanone.
    In the US, the term is regularly spelled "flack" even though it was originally "flak". Both can be used because "flak" was never a real word in the first place.


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    Hahahaha!!! Perhaps we could give away free satori samples too? And perhaps five minutes of Nirvana for return customers? Perhaps we could combine all this with Zazumba exercise?

    Gassho, April Foolish John

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    I would also want a couple of tacos with my nirvana, please!


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    Or add a carwash to the concept!



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    Is April 1st the one day of the year on which a simple "lol" is actually an appropriate comment?

    NEVER! A few good sentences as a framing device are required.
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    One minute Jukai? Does that mean the new Jukai recipients are going to get to use a sewing machine for their Rakusus?

    "First you have to give up." Tyler Durden

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    Does that mean I have to be an english major to be ordained????

    Oh, oh..... I want to be the one to design the line of off-the-rack rakusus. It's spring, so better get started on that pink velour model with beading, for easter. Then how about giraffe and leopard print designs for the wild-a** zennies out there?
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    Hans; it really sucks to grow old.
    Actually there are some good ideas here and some spleling lessons to boot
    Happy April Fools day to all,and to all a good night !!

    Such a fleetimg moment enjoyed by most

    gassho, Shokai
    gassho, Shokai

    仁道 生開 / Jindo Shokai

    "Open to life in a benevolent way"

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    Ha, ha, ha this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You almost fooled me, Jundo, until the paper rakusu comment, then I was like "what the hell"


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    Btw .. what's this about ordination tax benefits?! ...I feel a great arising within.


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    One minute Jukia. If I team it up with 6 minute abs and instant coffee I can knock out my morning rituals in under 8 minutes!

    If I'm already enlightened why the hell is this so hard?

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    Next April 1st, Jundo announces the return of the kyosaku.
    Diligently attain nothing. Sort of. Best not to over-think it.

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    Nice Jundo.

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    Wonderful! Ha!



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