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Thread: A life and two deaths

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    A life and two deaths

    My wife's cousin and her step-dad both passed suddenly last week. Their deaths were unexpected with no previous signs of medical issues. Her step-dad died after having three massive heart attacks within a few hours and her cousin died while driving his car to work for reasons the doctors don't know yet. They were both regularly involved in our lives and their deaths were both shocking and sad.

    Having a daughter born the week before combined with their deaths has made the last couple weeks a roller coaster of emotions for my family.

    Life is so beautiful. It is a gift given to us freely. Why we were given this gift is a mystery to me, but what a blessing!

    We are like a wave riding on the ocean of existence. We will crash on the shore someday and when we do, we return to the ocean and become the water we already are. There is no reason for it, just the experience to enjoy.
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