I have not posted any threads in a long time and, admittedly, have not been very consistent in my practice. However, I have been reading quite a bit about Zen, Meditation, philosophy and so on (I enjoy reading; it is like mental opium) and am still so very attracted by the Zen world and this site in particular Anyway, here I am trying, once again, to gain some momentum and consistency in my daily practice (I just sat for 20 min...yey!) That said, it is probably no surprise that almost one year after my first post on this forum I am still dealing with the same (or very similar) uncertainties. For example, while I am more and more aware that random thoughts fill my brain constantly, I still cannot get how to differentiate between a spontaneous thought (that then leads to "right" action) and redundant usless brain fart thinking. Maybe there is nothing to get...not sure...don't know.

Thank you!