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Thread: Can't Paste Link Into A PM?

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    Can't Paste Link Into A PM?

    I'm trying to send somebody a link, in reply to their PM, and when I do a paste from my clipboard into the body of the PM the link is gone and I only have the part of the original message that I cut out. Is VB doing a 'cut and copy'? How do you get a link into a PM? I'm on W7.



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    Hi Fugu.

    I just sent you PM as a test. Link pasting is working fine. All I did was to copy and paste links from my browser to the edit box.

    Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, you might want to try Firefox or Chrome since we haven't had any problems with them.

    Hope that helps.


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    Update for everybody on this: I did a CUT of some text from the PM I received and then a PASTE of a link I had put on my clipboard. Found out that CUT also uses the clipboard, thereby wiping out my link. Solution is to CUT the text, then go get the link you want, put it on your clipboard and bring it back.



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