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Thread: Bell and Bowing

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    Bell and Bowing

    Hello all

    Just a technical question about when the bell is used during chanting. Is there is a reason that the bell is used at the points it is and usually accompanied by a bow?

    Thank you


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    Hi Kokuu,

    Most of the times there is some special name being mentioned which is given a special bow. So, for example, in the Heart Sutra, there are bows given at the mention of "Prajna Paramita" (the Perfection of Wisdom). In the Dedication after that, we bow when Shakyamuni Buddha, Dogen, Keizan, Niwa Zenjis and Nishijima Roshi are mentioned. There are also usually moments during a Chant for the presiding Priest to head up to the Altar and offer Incense. When we recite the Names of Ancestors, some such as Bodhidharma and the 6th Ancestor get a special bow. The bells ring for all of those.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Thank you, Jundo. Much appreciated.


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