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    Tremor Sit

    Throughout the last week, there has been twitching and jolting accompanying zazen. Discussed with other Dharma students and they suggested more stretching, new cushion, vitamins, skin lotion (to calm the nerves), the spine getting used to sitting straight (typical sloucher), and possibly nearing some kind of next phase of practice.

    All suggestions seem likely, but what does the Sangha think? All the postures have been tried (including chair sitting) and twitching occurs with them all. It's not even like random spasms. It's more along the lines of how the arms shake while holding up a dumbbell for an extended period of time.

    Sometimes it's just in the legs, at other times it's even in the arms and shoulders, and the mudra even tremors. Never the head or face though, and thoughts are not racing or louder than usual, and there's no apparent emotional tension. The curious thing is I've been sitting for months and it only recently began. What do ya think buds?

    Gassho, John

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    Dear John,

    First and foremost seek medical advice, blood check, nervous system, see if there is not anything obviously out of balance.

    Then, if there is nothing wrong, forget about DOING anything, a doing does nt help an undoing. It agravates itself. you add tension to tension. Correct your posture and you ll get it worse. Forget the vitamins, the stretching, the pillow there , and forget the people that think they know, including yourself, you don't know, and unlike what it seems to be, it is a safe and rich place to be.

    As we sit, emotions, traumas, memories release themselves, they might be lodged, nested in various areas of the body-mind, in muscles, in tendons, and any commited and consistant sitter will experience these things. what to do? beare witness. be warm to them. let them be, like flowers in space.
    nothing to do but accept what you body-mind goes through.

    and now the next level, even harder. Go into introspection mode and use this problem to probe and go deeper, make the discomfort your own personnal koan and source of inspiration.

    you may then ask yourself: Why I am bothered by this? Who is bothered? What image don't I like about myself in this movements that I cannot control? Can't I see how funny it is? how does it relate to my life and my lack of confidence and the tendency I have to control everybody?

    go deeper and deeper, play with these questions.

    You might be happily surprised by the answers and by then, the problem might have disappeared altogether...

    If you want to dig deeper, go and listen to father De Mello. Another big whack in the face, or Byron Katie...Go to people that bring you back home and ask you to ask yourself.

    trust me. This is really throwing it all away.



    Antony De Mello was a Jesuit priest, a rebel and a mystic, he taught freedom, he is one of my core teachers ( the guy had no mercy for illusion, a real killer of ego believers):

    and Byron Katie, just watch...

    and look at the humor and strength.

    gassho again

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    I have what's called an intentional tremor: when my muscles are relaxed, there is no tremor, but when they are in use, there is one. For this reason, I can't hold my thumbs together when sitting.

    Some tremors can be caused by vitamin deficiencies, but I would seek medical attention; a tremor can be a sign of a neurological problem.

    (Posted from my iPhone; please excuse any typos or brevity.)

    I know nothing.

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    If one searches around the internet for all manner of meditation groups, one will find this a common report. All manner of explanations are offered, from what Taigu said to more mystical explanations such as "Chakra energy flows" and such. Here are some samples ...

    Personally, I believe that what Taigu told you is best, and the most likely. Do get yourself checked by a doctor, and otherwise let it just be and pass.

    Gassho, J

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    Thank you for that Taigu and Jundo. I've been dealing with the same problems.


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    Thank you. Just watched the Anthony de Mello video. Inspiring! Will head on to the Byron Katie one now. Sit with the shakes I am (Just slipped into Yoda-speak haha). Will get a checkup as well. Either way, it has been great practice. Kind of like sitting through the rain, or on a snow drift.

    Gassho, John

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    Glad you enjoyed the vid, John. Very happy you are intending to go through introspection. Don't forget the doctor, though.

    Take great care


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    Introspection has been kind of beneficial before, though I was not necessarily objective haha. Pushed away and clung to the thoughts and feelings that rose up rather than accepting them. Ended up swimming further into the sea of delusion. You got me with the doctor visit though No fear of docs, just the absence of money/insurance. This moment will include a student loan soon enough, so I can get checked out. Being kinder to the body these days. Living a life of mind for so long... forgot that body and mind are united. Mindfulness was very difficult at first, much more so than Shikantaza (though it's all Shikantaza). Fortunately patience and persistence are great allies.

    Deep bows, John

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    There is something called a resting tremor that can be present in relaxed states. Sometimes this is normal and sometimes pathological. Do as Taigu suggests. :-)

    Gassho, Jishin

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