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Thread: Oryoki Circle Three: Receiving the Food

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    Oryoki Circle Three: Receiving the Food

    Hi all,
    The Oryoki Circle continues its study of this beautiful and complex ritual.

    This week, we look at Receiving the Food. See the recording below:

    (NOTE: The camera kept flitting about as we all had our mics on. I know that it is quite annoying to view, but that part only lasts for a few minutes. We'll turn off the mics next week, as it appears to work better. Gassho)

    I look forward to practicing with you all.


    PS: Please have your bowls wrapped up to begin. As we'll take it from the top ... all in the name of practice!
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    Shall do and see you there. Thank you Myozan. =)


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    I'll be there this time. Thank you Myozan.


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    Apologies some guests have just turned up so I cooking for them! Gassho.
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