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Thread: WWED (What would Elmo Do?)

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    WWED (What would Elmo Do?)

    Just wanted to share an experience today:

    I was practicing some meditation while taking a bath with Epsom Salts (Occupational Therapist pro tip: They are really great for sore muscles or joints and/or stress due to the heat + buoyancy) and finding my soft gaze staying on my son's Elmo and Cookie Monster bath loofahs. It reminded me of the wonderful zazenkai we had this past week with our Buddha helpers of Elmo and Stitch. Of course Elmo, I, the bathtub all the same Buddha-nature and I could feel a connection I cannot understand, but more than that I realized how much Elmo embodies alot of Buddha like qualities. Of course at this point I was following my thoughts rather than staying in zazen, but that happens too. Anyways, I thought about why my son and children everywhere love Elmo and other "cutesy" characters so much and it is more than the bright colors. I think Elmo is always friendly and kind and he never blames other people for when things go wrong or refuses to be anyone's friend. Kids, especially toddlers, are just learning what it means to have a friend, and really Elmo is a pretty awesome one. I am going to aspire to be as welcoming, compassionate, and non-judgmental as Elmo.

    Thank you Jundo and Taigu for your teaching and example, putting children's toys on an altar and doing a funny dance during chants and the wealth of podcasts I'm still working thru. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and practice along with all of you here at the sangha.

    Gassho and deep bows, Fred

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    Yes, one could not do better than the Bodhisattva Elmo ...

    Gassho, J

    PS - Of course, the puppet master, the human Elmo, may have been all too human, but the lawsuits against him were dismissed last year, and he is trying to come back. However, I do not know where the case stands or much about the claims. I hope it can be resolved in a good way somehow.
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    Yes, Elmo is awesome and a great teacher.

    He is sweet and wise at the same time.


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    ...I am sure the real puppeteer is Kannon

    Thank you for your practice

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    P.S. Ernie embodies a lot of that affect too, especially living with Bert who can be difficult at times (so can Ernie!). Sesame Street is a wonderful thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koshin View Post
    ...I am sure the real puppeteer is Kannon

    Oh yes, the red fuzzy arms of Kannon. =)


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    Hi and thank you Fred!

    When I was little, like four years old or so, my friend had a Bert doll.
    I was scared, really really scared of that doll. And of course my sister took that in advance. I think that his eyes and eyebrow was the thing.

    When I had my birthday of 18 I received a gift with the contains of a Bert or Ernie doll. I remember that I opened the box slightly just to see the head of the doll. Then I shut the box and just sat quiet and starred at my sisters. Yes, they laughed and joked about me being silly. But hey, I had really really bad memories printed in me.
    It was a really good gift and appreciate it much. It tells me that sisters are doing stuff and kidding around with you. But all in the name of love.
    Mr Bert is on his way the first one that learned me to not judge one on first sight.

    Thank you for the lesson Sesame Street



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