I have a Dharma brother of 7 years which we exchange and share our understanding of Buddhism with each others. His insight and devotion to Buddhism never cease to amaze me and he describes it so elegantly. We had been in an on-going of Dharma discussion for a long time now over texts. This morning he shared with me a short story of his recent experience on compassion which I find to be very insightful and I would like to share with Treeleaf community if I may.

"I was in my room and one of the less aggressive parakeet was there. He was flying around and eventually got stuck in a thin veiled curtain. His beak was the only thing keeping him here as he was flapping his wings wildly and his feet as well so as to not fall. I quickly rushed and cupped my hands under him so he would have a safe fall and landing. When I did that, I did it indiscriminately without thinking of anything else. Likewise, all sentient beings are like this, struggling in the vast ocean of Samsara, trying not to drown."

From that he composed a short poem:

"Sentient beings cling dearly on to the veil of Maya (Illusion). The Bodhisattiva, out of compassion rescues them."

He also stated

"In my mental altar, there is a candle that is lit above six offering bowls, each for every realm of existence. When it is lit, it is the wisdom of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, shattering the darkness of ignorance with the light of wisdom. The candle serves as a bridge to remind me that their wisdom is also my wisdom and that of all sentient beings who will one day too attain liberation. It shines on all realms in all directions, constantly reminding one of our shared humanity, life, and wisdom."

I hope you enjoyed them.