Just wanted share this experience:
Today was one of those days that didn't go as planned and I kept pushing back later and later my time to sit in zazen. Then with my wife and inlaws at dinner out and I was at house watching two year old he develops a sudden teething pain in his far back molar (if you don't have kids these are the worst!). He won't take medicine, my wife won't answer her phone, he's wailing. So I just sat right next to him in the hallway (couldn't even get him to go to bed) and rubbed his back while he watched a movie on my phone and snuffled pitifully. There wasn't anything I could do despite desperately wanting to, so I was just fully present accepting it but showing compassion and giving comfort just by being there. It wasn't heroic or "special" but I was there. That was zazen, I'll still try to sit before bed though