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Thread: The Expression of the Seed

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    The Expression of the Seed

    To grok something, I must dig down to the root. This is world is both complex and simple it seems, because the root is simple. I pondered the three poisons: the root of greed/attachment is sadness, the root of sadness is un-acceptance. The root of anger/aversion is fear, the root of fear is un-acceptance. The root of delusion is confusion, the root of confusion is un-acceptance.

    On the flipperooney, the root of kindness is harmony, the root of harmony is acceptance. The root of un-attachment is joy, the root of joy is acceptance. The root of wisdom is clarity, the root of clarity is yep... acceptance.

    I have misspoken though in a way, for the final "root" here is the seed. The plant is the expression of the seed, just as we are the expression of Buddha-nature. So it can be thought about as a seed, root, stalk, fruit formula. The plant of un-acceptance is withered and wilting. This plant is dukkha, and the seeds of its fruit are also dukkha. The plant of acceptance is healthy and strong. This plant is peace, and the seeds of its fruit are also peace.

    Doodles!: 00Good Seed.jpg00Bad Seed.jpg

    All are connected. It's seldom that just one of the three poisons are sipped. Likewise the three wholesome qualities. Of course the seeds are neither good nor bad, their expression is just beneficial or harmful. The three poisons are harmful because they are unnatural to our Nature. They're something extra. And of course of course, like the Twelve Links of Conditionality, we can bounce around a bit. Attachment can cause sorrow, and sorrow can cause attachment. We lose what we hold on to, and we look for things to fill the hole in us. Anyway, just thought you'd be interested. Just ramblings of a deluded mind.

    Gassho, John
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