Hello everyone,

if you have been a member of the Treeleaf Google+ Community before you should have gotten an invitation to the ***NEW*** Treeleaf community

1) Why do we need a new "Google+ Community" ?

By the time we created the first community we set it up as public (because at that time "public" meant people outside the community can find the community. It not meant everyone can join our hangouts). Google a few weeks ago decided that "pubic" also needs to mean everyone can join your hangout. As our frequent sitters know this lead to some surprising visitors during our zazen.
The "new" community is "private", thus no one can join our hangouts but your fellow treeleafers who are also in the community.

2) Where is the invitation ?

Depending on your settings at Google+ you may have gotten it via email, as sms on your phone or it may appear in your stream at Google+, or any mixture of these. if you not got it or accidentally deleted it, please proceed as described in 4) below.

3) Has this change being discussed before ?

yep, here:


4) I've not being a g+ community member before, but want become one

You can apply for being included here


Please also pm me here at treeleaf (Menu Forum / Private Messages / Send new Message) including your Google+ Username so I can approve you.

To "apply" and to be "approved" is only a formal act, making sure that we not add anyone from outside treeleaf.

Feel free to post any questions in this thread.