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    In Shobogenzo Udonge, Dogen writes something like this:

    This being so, because the World-honored Gautama is now put- ting his body into flowers and has shrouded his body in space, we call being able to grasp nostrils, and call having grasped space, “the twirling of flowers.” Twirling flowers are twirled by eyes, twirled by mind-consciousness, twirled by nostrils, and twirled by flowers twirling. In general, the mountains, rivers, and the earth; the sun and moon, the wind and rain; people, ani- mals, grass, and trees—the miscellaneous things of the present displaying themselves here and there—are just the twirling of the uḍumbara flower. Living-and-dying and going-and-coming are also a miscellany of flowers and the brightness of flowers. Our learning in practice like this in the present is the continuing process of twirling flowers.
    Twirling, dynamic and playful twirling of the Wheel
    Toying with a flower of Vulture Peak
    Buddha turns and twirls reality as is
    From the most distant galaxy
    To the very color of your eyes.
    Twisted twirling vines
    Treasure trail to tramp
    One, two, three, four
    Flowers don't make Spring
    Spring cannot be painted
    But risen
    But in being
    It soaks the bones with
    Subtle fragrance
    It cannot
    Even be seen
    Whirling away
    As ourselves

    Three pai

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