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Thread: Treeleaf Global Service Days: January 11-25 2014

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    Treeleaf Global Service Days: January 11-25 2014

    Our next Global Days of Service period is upon us!

    It's a new year - let's start 2014 out right! There are many ways to serve one's family, one's nation, one's community, one's neighbor, one's environment - it is up to you to find a manner of service which is meaningful to you in the context of your life and Zen Buddhist practice -

    I will start by letting you know that my participation in Global Day of Service over the last couple of years has progressed from the commitment of a day four times a year to a new career in social work and environmental advocacy (this way I get to commute to work in my kayak and/or bicycle )....

    This is powerful stuff, service is, if you give it a chance it might just become a way of life!

    As you participate in your service projects, please share your activity here - there is beauty and energy in practicing as a Sangha!

    You and I have what we need. There is beauty in letting it go; sharing it -
    The gift of service is boundless and inexhaustible
    We will all be here; practicing together.

    Please feel free to visit previous Global Day of Service threads of you are in need of ideas or inspiration!

    Deep bows

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