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Thread: The Anthill Cushion

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    The Anthill Cushion

    What do you do when your cushion turns into an anthill? You find yourself sitting one morning/evening/afternoon, and you can't seem to sit down still? Your body-mind is screaming, kicking, squirming in rebellion, and you don't know what to do. You're at a loss, sweating profusely under your arms, your heart racing like a mad horse. Perhaps a bit over the top, but I hope you recognize this feeling.

    I ask this question not only with regards to formal sitting, but the usually more difficult aspect of everyday practice. The practice where you run to submit late papers, the practice you should be doing instead of therapeutically cleaning your room, the practice of not buying things outside the budget, the practice of getting up to a projected long looooong day-- the general practice of doing what you must and avoiding the excess, the poisonous.

    What can we do to bring our mudra of meditation into open hands to the poor, the hands holding pens writing notes, keeping track of bills, the hands that rest firmly on keyboards tip-tapping away to get the job done?

    How do we just do it?

    Gassho, Ben

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    Be Kannon, grow 1000 arms.
    Be you, doing one thing at a time.
    Be simple and humble and don't rush.
    Be this dust and dirt I am too.
    Be light in the wind and dance.

    And yes we just do what we have to do.
    How is the wrong question.

    Sit, eat, work, play, love, sleep, meet, leave...
    Giving yourself and leaving no traces

    Take care



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    Thank you.

    "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"

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    I'm no expert, but personally, my way of dealing with any difficulty in the practice is to make it part of the practice. Distractions and anthills are "just this" too. Mentally embracing them, rather than seeing them as opposed to what I'm doing, seems to help.

    "The obstacles to the path, are the path."

    Of course, I still struggle, even when I'm trying to practice that way. Best of luck.

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    Good question. Good answers.

    Thank you.


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    As taigu said slow down and don't rush. Then all space and time opens to just do it. This is helping me alot.

    Kind regards. /\
    無 (MU, Emptiness) and 氷 (HYO, Ice) ... Emptiness Ice ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taigu View Post
    Be you, doing one thing at a time.
    Be simple and humble and don't rush.
    Ben, these two lines mean so much for me ... thank you Taigu. =)


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    Everything has a space in it, not just the breath in meditation.

    Look for that space.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Taigu View Post
    How is the wrong question.

    Gassho, Ben

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