"Yes, it is another lovely approach ... Karate to our Aikido. All good Ways, but sometimes quite different. "

The above was posted by Jundo in my thread on How Long Do You Sit?

??? This surprised me. I would think Zen is more karate-like, and Vipassana (the method talked about in the book I read) would be more like Aikido (a thought arises and you bend softly and let it pass on by).

This opens a touchy can of worms for me, since now my only contact with the outside world is the internet, and I see so many 'Buddhist' sites preach the eight-fold path and then throw Right Speech very easily to the wind. (This is not a comment on Jundo's words, just an explanation of how sensitive I currently am, and maybe prone to over-reacting.)

But I digress: from what I know and what I have read about Zen, the Dharma combat and life-style of serious Zen study sounds more to me to be similar to Karate. Can some of you put this in different words so I can look at it from another angle?