Hello everyone,
as some of you posted in other threads there was a pretty nasty change in Google+ communities recently, well its a few weeks actually. When you start a hangout and invite the Treeleaf community you see an alert top right "You just made this video call public" and as some of you expreienced, its indeed public and after having visitors more than once which started a wild discussion while I was sitting I thought its time to further investigate this.
To make it short: There is no quick and easy fix currently, the only way would be to start over with a "new" community. My proposal is to do exactly this, creating a new community which has the right settings (no, they cant be changed later on), so our hangouts are private (which means only visible to community members).
If its ok with Jundo I can take care of that in January, and find a way to make it as smooth as possible for everyone. This is just my idea, please feel free to discuss ...

Gassho, Happy new year and thank you