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    the merry-go-round

    What it takes to...Impromptu on moment to moment practice.

    Ten thousand thoughts
    And yet a single empty field
    Cling to one
    Cling to a single one
    And then you are caught
    ( what a small place!)

    Ten thousands stitches
    And yet a single robe
    Cling to one
    Only one
    And then you are lost
    ( Why am I doing this for ?!...)

    Ten thousand dharmas
    And yet nobody home
    Pick up one
    Only one
    Somebody will show
    ( feels soooo good to be somebody)

    Ten thousand expression of ku, emptiness
    And yet really nothing
    Choose only one
    One only
    And you' ll get something
    ( lucky you!)

    Ten thousand I
    And yet only IT
    Identify with one I
    And say I meaning I
    And I will say I to express I
    ( it is only about MEEEEEEEE)

    Zazen is to free this ten thousand whatever
    And this one thing
    Rain-clouds-mountain playing
    Thoughts- traffic- TV- sitting going
    We don't dwell on, or abide or linger
    And as there isn t anybody (really)
    And nothing to get hold of
    IT looks after itself
    IT realizes itself
    IT forgets itself

    Ten thousand thoughts...

    Happy new year everybody, happy new round!


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