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Thread: an amazing robe sewn by a very simple man

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    an amazing robe sewn by a very simple man


    This is Edouard, Zen teacher, wearing a twenty five stripes Okesa.

    Edouard, that we used to call Doudou some thirty years ago, is an old student of Deshimaru and a very simple man, a kind of Ryokan in his own way, humble, direct, man of so many so called menial jobs, with a mind like a child, wild and open, as you will see on this funzoe, a ceremonial robe, he has sewn. When I met him in 1985, he was cooking for retreats, sitting in the dojo of Paris, vcleaning here, helping there, and enjoying frisbee. He received Dharma transmission in the same blood line as Jundo and I from Kosen, one of the Dharma heirs of Niwa. He is now getting old (aren"t we all? I shall be 50 in a few months time) and has a small sangha in the South of France where people practice a very uncomplicated Zen. If you click on the link below, you will see the most amazing ceremonial kesa entirely hand sewn and as you will notice, the patterns of mountains and clouds are just like kid's drawings. I could not believe it when I first saw it. Joko, my French student, pointed it to me recently and I wanted to share this visual treasure with you.

    I shall be away and not available for dokusan or anything next week as I go visiting my in laws and spend some quality time with my family in Japan.

    take care and remember that I will be back on the 5th of January.

    gassho to all

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