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Thread: Very powerful movie scene about waking up

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    Very powerful movie scene about waking up

    So I'd like to share this scene with you all, it's from Dan Millman's Peaceful warrior. This is the first encounter that led me into the path of awakening. The movie is about an arrogant, smart, good looking, cocky teenager that somehow feels there's something wrong with how he is living. He is an elite gymnast, and ironically I am a gymnast to - no wonder this movie really smashed me into a road less traveled. 'when the pupil is ready the master appears', the main character Dan meets this old man who starts to 'train' him in how to 'awake'.

    I think this movie is perfect for anyone that is in the process of waking up and the scene that I will embed here is PRECISELY how I feel right now these days. With the conception, I haven't dropped 'my self' yet. By dropping your ego really means DEATH for everything you know. And god how do one develop strength for something like that.

    This scene is from when Dan thinks about suicide, right in the middle of the awakening process I guess. Stuck between two worlds, I feel the same.

    How do one develop the strength to do this?

    EDIT: You have to click on the link to the scene on youtube, embedding wasn't allowed.

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