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Thread: Library Ango, Textbook Rohatsu, and a sore behind

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    Library Ango, Textbook Rohatsu, and a sore behind

    Some general thoughts before I get back to studying:

    I can't believe ango is already over with. It seems like is was over in a flash. I'm pretty sure I spent 90% of it in the library or in a classroom. It was just like normal life only with a lot less ice cream, a little more contemplation, and just the right amount of sitting.

    I missed ALL of the rohatsu retreat. I take my last test of this semester on Monday. Normally I would promised a renewed vigor in my practice and to sit the retreat, but to be honest I'm probably going to spend most of the two weeks sleeping, playing, and goofing off (with some daily sitting, gathas, sutra chanting thrown in for fun)

    Finally, in the humor department; I developed an infection right on my tail bone last week. It made it incredibly painful to sit down for several days. Of all the places to hurt on a soto zen practitioner (and student) I hit the jackpot! On the up side, the doc fixed me up and I'm back in full shikantaza action.

    Just thought I would check in for fun.

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    Hey Nengyo,
    It's good to hear you.... practice I think is about balance in life, not making commitments that stress you out and then feeling you let yourself and others down (but you know that). Walking, standing, sitting, and lying down are all zazen.... so if you don't sit for awhile you still have three left to choose from! Good luck with your last exam, then get some rest, decompress, and enjoy your family (playing with kids is the best practice I know of - Ryokan seemed to think highly of it). I've enjoyed sitting with you on Sunday mornings - hopefully will see you soon.

    BTW, your practice right now is school, as you train for another form of service.....

    We are here, and we'll see you soon.

    Deep bows
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    What Yugen said.

    And with your classload, isn't ango pretty much all the time?

    Get some rest!

    If I am posting, I have sat today.

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    Thank you for this post. I'm supposed to be studying for two tests this week. Thank you for reminding me that school is practice too. Haha

    Gassho, Ben

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    Great to see you and know you are well ... know what you mean with business and finals, as I too am there too. I reflect what our brother Yugen has said so well. =)

    倫道 真現

    As a trainee priest, please take any commentary by me on matters of the Dharma with a pinch of salt.

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    Hello Nengyo,

    An infection in your tailbone, ouch! I can definitely relate to pain in the sitting bones....not fun. But, I'm glad to hear that you are better and almost finished with testing. That will be a wonderful relief. Relax and enjoy your play time, the cushion will always be there waiting.


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    Well, I've been home for three days and the only thing I've done is play with my son and watch a couple of movies on netflix I've been waiting to see. I'm doing nothing and it is everything I dreamed! Well, that's not entirely true. I have been sitting during nap time and giving some very grateful bows to a large stone Buddha who now lives in our hall way as I do some chores.

    I hope you are all having a great holiday too!


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    I'm glad you are home with family Nengyo. Have a great holiday!

    Deep bows

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    The perfect gift...nothing! But it is also everything.

    Enjoy the holiday and the well deserved break!

    If I am posting, I have sat today.

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