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Thread: Funny but Poignant

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    Funny but Poignant

    Hi all

    Had this experience which I found both humorous and worth sharing. I read somewhere, don't recall now, possibly a post Yugen made, that when you sit in the morning it really seems to set the precedent for the day and things seem to slip into their own rythm. I woke up ealry this morning and I dragged myself out of bed onto the zafu.

    Sitting quietly in the dawn, my eldest son who is 10, pokes his head into the room and says:

    "Dad it's time to wake up!"


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    Gassho to your son. Wise for his age.

    泰 Entai (Bill)
    "this is not a dress rehearsal"

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    This is wonderful Clark. =)


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    Beautiful. I love spontaneous moments of wisdom like this.

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    I enjoyed reading this, thank you!

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    The wisdom of the young.


    “Blessed are the flexible, for they never get bent out of shape." Author Unknown

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