At a recent Jukai ceremony I found this surprising definition of the First Pure Precept:

First, Ceasing from doing Harm: Abandoning self-centered ideas, entering the realm of NOT KNOWING, RECOGNIZING NO SELF.
This is Not-harming.
(Stopping of "self-centered thinking" shown as not doing harm surprised me: how can my indulgence on self-serving concerns and hopes and plans which generally have to do with improving the life of those around me, be of harm to others? Too much self-recognition here? It came to me that perhaps the harm is in not paying more attention to what I really need and want, and already know. Doing harm to myself extends to harming others too. The further I go in practice the less tolerance for laziness I find in me by Me, the less tolerance for roaming. I need to find a destination even if there is no such thing, give in to not knowing.)

Second is Doing Good: Compassionately encouraging the world and bearing witness to the joy and suffering of all beings.
This is Doing Good.
(Keeping up a practice, a path however superficially is better than not giving a thought to the destination.)

Third is Doing Good for Others: Keep healing and freeing yourself and all beings.
This is Doing Good for Others (I would add: As a Way of the best of one's ability.)
(Is this the destination?)