Yesterday was Buddhist Global Reliefs interfaith event, The 5th Annual Walk To Feed The Hungry. It was a beautiful day in Manhattan with plenty of sunshine and happy faces.

We began the day with the 8 forms moving meditation. This is a really popular meditation in the Dharma Drum order of C'han Buddhism. I really enjoy it, it's a nice way to stretch out before the day begins. The monks at Dharma Drum Retreat Center start every day with these 8 movements.

Then we heard A few words from our emcee, Roshi Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts. Bikhu Bodhi gave us a brief history of the walk, and how it all got started. Then we heard some chanting by the Staten Island Vihara Monks and the nuns from Chuang Yen Monastery.

Then we took a nice 4 mile walk through Riverside Park! It was really nice to see so many people from different traditions and religions. There were representatives from NY Insight Meditation Center, The Buddhist Church of New York (a western pure land church), Theravada and Mahayana monastics, Zen Roshi's, Christian Ministers, and folks of all different ethnic backgrounds walking in solidarity. To top of this melting pot of a day, we ended and had lunch in a Roman Catholic Church.

We heard talks from various partner organizations, Hellen Keller Institute, Urban Renewal Center, Woman of Faith for Peace. And finally a few words from our "spiritual leaders".
Roshi Joan, Bikhu Bodhi, Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, Rev. Chloe Breyer, Ven. Hae Jin Sunim (Taego Zen Center) and then we closed out with cleaning up.

It was an awesome day that I wanted to share with you all. And now I'm off to my Sunday sitting group.

In Gassho,