I am particularly interested in Jundo and Taigu's thoughts, although I look forward to reading the Sangha's as well. This has been on my mind for the past few days.

I have been reading on Hakuun Yasutani Roshi, who was formerly a prolific Soto Roshi before founding the Sanbo Kyodan Zen Buddhist organization. I find his teachings fascinating. However, he is also well-known to have have preached right-wing and anti-semetic ideology during and after WWII. I also recall reading about Kishizawa Roshi, Shunryu Suzuki's teacher, who lent Buddhist teachings to the war effort and encouraged young men to shoot their guns with the Buddha in mind.

The Buddha taught us to not believe a word he said. To experience it for ourselves, the direct-experience, and make our own judgement to the validity of his teachings. I am still wrestling with how such teachers, having transcended delusional, or perhaps not transcended, thinking to encourage behavior wildly out of line with Buddhism. (note to self: look back at the threads we are discussing re: Precepts..)

Was it a "had to be there in the midst of the Imperial Emperor" movement-moment-confusion? Jundo, Taigu, you both are in Japan and have a cultural sensitivity to the collective-thought during that period. I would love to hear your thoughts..

We will all face instances in our lives, when the popular decision is not the right decision. I sit, and pray, that we all have the ability to the Truth as best as we can at that moment.