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Thread: Zen Master Seung Sahn, Gainsville

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    Zen Master Seung Sahn, Gainsville

    I found this video. And although I am not too into his style of teaching and presentation it is a very good presentation of the teachings and teaching style of Zen Master Seung Sahn.

    So I thought I would share.

    In Gassho
    清竜 Seiryu

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    Shouldn't that be in "no gainsville"?

    Master Seung Sahn was an interesting figure. He taught in the Korean Rinzai Tradition of Koan Centered Zazen, but went on to develop his own Koan curriculum that most believe was based on the Japanese Hakuin way from Seung Sahn's time in Japan. This is unlike the traditional Koan Practice in Korea, which is to focus on one Koan only through one's whole Buddhist career. His approach was often quite different from Dogen's Way, though ultimately ...

    ... as is said around here, "Often very very different, but always precisely the same; never the same, yet never ever different".

    One can read more about Master Seung Sahn and his Kwan Um School here, from page 99 ...

    Gassho, Jundo
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    Four objects to focus as per their teaching:

    - Breath
    - Sounds
    - Mantra
    - Koan (Who am I?)

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