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Thread: Stored Private Message Quota?

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    Stored Private Message Quota?

    The following errors occurred with your submission

    • You have reached your stored private message quota and cannot send any further messages until space has been created.


    I am receiving the above message when I try to respond to Jundo or Yugen at the moment... I have been clearing out my inbox regularly, not sure where messages are being stored (to my knowledge I haven't saved any.) What do I have to delete to make space?


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    Hi Seizan!

    A few weeks ago I posted something for Willow. She had the same problem.

    Hope this helps. If not, let me know:
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    Hi Seizan,
    Users can keep up to 150 messages in their mail store. This is the combination of all the mail in your inbox and sent items. Periodically it's a good idea to go through those messages and delete or save offline messages that no longer need to be stored on the forum. When you are viewing your inbox you may notice the gauge graphic; this illustrates how close you are to hitting the 150 message capacity. Does that help?

    Thanks for posting that link Kyonin.


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    all its being said, just confirming this happens to me too, though I keep my inbox nice and clean I always hit the mark with my "Sent" folder, so indeed thats to be cleaned too from time to time.

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