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Thread: A Lovely Artist/10 Ox Herding Talks

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    A Lovely Artist/10 Ox Herding Talks

    Good Morning,

    I was working on my transcribing project and discovered this artist when I took a break. Her 10 Ox-Herding paintings are wonderful. I thought I would share her Zen gallery. The artist is Catherine Jao and she lives in Kyoto. On her main page she has a wonderful dragon painting as well. Her talent is really extraordinary!

    I would also like to re-share the link to Taigu's teachings on the pictures. They are wonderful.

    Transcriptions of the videos are coming soon! Hopefully all will be done (or rough copies available) in the next month- at the very latest, I hope to have a completely refined PDF done by the Jukai Ceremony.

    Deep Gassho,

    P.S. I was browsing the art page more and stumbled on her latest journal entry here. I think it's well worth the read- and happens to be on a topic I've been struggling with (what is my vocation/where do I fit in.) Some very wise reflections on laying your fears out on the table. Not only is she talented at what she does, but deeply insightful as well.
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    Thank you Seizan. By coincidence I'm reading a commentary on the Ox-herding paintings and accompanying poetry. This is more food for thought.


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    Those are beautiful images. Many thanks, Seizan.


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    Thank you Seizan.


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