I seem to be fortunate enough to focus on the "just sitting' very quickly and as a result bodily off sensation is quite swift.

I then seem to find my mind in a very comfortable, calm and quiet state. Sounds don't disturb me and thoughts are nominal.

I am not unaware at this time, I do notice a distinct sense of being disassociated with my body. As if I have come out of it but only a little...just enough to feel separate from it.

Tactile feelings give the impression of being contrived or imagined. Like a memory of a body.

There is a sense of self...but its like a dull humming...I cannot explain it any other way.

I'm concerned that this is some sort of wallowing in a state of numbness rather than a positive result of sitting - I think the Chan practitioners call it "Entering the cave of ghosts on the far side of the mountain"...typically poetic

Is this a positive state and I should continue or somehow abandon it? I am not attaching to it one way or another in terms of good/bad but I would not want to fall into a trap either.